Quick View Extension (M1)
Magento Community Edition : 1.7x - 1.9x

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Quick View help your customers to be able to make purchases quickly and easily without wasting time and risking to leave due to slow page loading.
Your customers can see details of the product, including images, options, and Add to Cart – All from the category page.
Replace standard Magento image zoom with flexible javacript zoom widget too.

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Quick View Extensions is a frontend feature that speeds up the browsing process through store by showing product previews on click.Extensions is a great feature that enhances user experience while browsing your store.

Prevents user from reloading pages to see the full description and allows them to instantly buy the product without wasting time and risking to leave due to slow page loading.

Incorporates great features that customers can zoom in to see more photos Quick View.
Your customer can be satisfied with the experience that we offer extensions.

Customers Features
  • Quick View extension quickly add products to Cart from the product popup.
  • Ability show Quicklook button on all product grids, product widgets, product blocks not only the product category pages.
  • Quick View extension supports all product types of Magento simple, configurable, grouped, bundle, virtual, and downloadable!
  • Nice designed extension.
Admin Features
  • "Enable Quick View" enable/disable this module
  • Allow config width/height "Dialog box", "Zoom".
  • Allow config color "Color Zoom Opacity" and "background Color Outer".
  • Allow config width/height product images.
  • Allow config position button next/prev
  • Set custom color for the product image on mouse over
  • Quick View extension simple and easy to use configuration settings
  • HTML/CSS validation
  • Support multiple stores
  • Support multiple languages
  • Friendly and flexible configuration
  • Meets all Magento development practices
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required)
  • Has built-in installation check
  • Is 100% Open Source with no obfuscation or encoding.
  • Is easy to install (takes just a few minutes).
  • 6 months free upgrades
  • Professional installation available (cost extra)
  1. Good extension for better customer experience

    This extension is really helpfull for customers who want to see the details of multiple products. They can view all the products they want without leaving the category page. I like it

    Good Price
    Ease Of Use

    Submitted by Hazar - (Posted on 3/19/2016)

  2. Excellent

    Great extension, i had to configured for specific purpose, and the support team help me with it...
    Totally recommended.Works great. I am very satisfied about the working style

    Good Price
    Ease Of Use

    Submitted by Dema - (Posted on 3/18/2016)

  3. Useful Extension

    I tried to setup so many quick View extension so far but all is not working. I am using JQuery ibanner, Ajax cart etc at Magento.
    But when purchase and use that product. It work fine.
    Very useful, nice extension.

    Good Price
    Ease Of Use

    Submitted by Famer - (Posted on 3/13/2016)

  4. Very excellent support and nice extension.

    My site is running with some extension. So everytime I worry about to occur something wrong, if I install a new extension.
    When I purchase this extension, I have worried the same above.
    It has something wrong as worried, however here is good thing. I asked to fix that matter to technical guys.
    He kindly fixed as fast as he can without server information. It's awesome.
    even if worst case, he might be able to ask ftp information.
    I strongly recommended this extension. Don't worry about, purchase and not working? ask to technical support. He will fix for you.

    Good Price
    Ease Of Use

    Submitted by Hanterla - (Posted on 2/10/2016)

  5. Very nice

    Thank you very much for this wonderful extension and for a great support!

    Good Price
    Ease Of Use

    Submitted by Mussa - (Posted on 2/7/2016)

  6. Easy and effective

    Wow, this really improves the site experience. We love this extension (like most of Osworlds extensions, and we use a lot of them). Very easy and effective, does what it should and makes online shopping with Magento more convenient for customers and visitor.

    Good Price
    Ease Of Use

    Submitted by Torres - (Posted on 1/19/2016)

  7. liked it

    This extension has two very important features:
    1) You can setup the look of the button from backend (no css/html editing is required, which is a big plus)
    2) It works perfectly on all devices, including mobile and tablet.

    Good Price
    Ease Of Use

    Submitted by Bill - (Posted on 1/4/2016)

  8. Great idea

    Hi all,
    Purchased the Quick View extension and installed as part of the theme I bought worked 1st time no problems. it is useful for website

    Good Price
    Ease Of Use

    Submitted by Buffon - (Posted on 1/1/2016)

  9. no any issues or complaints so far

    I’m still testing this tool but have some thoughts about it.
    On the one hand, an ability to preview products leads to decreasing pages per visit stats. On the other hand, such preview is good for customers (according to my survey ). So I’ll continue using this feature.
    As for the extension, it has quite interesting settings I haven’t even thought about before buying. For example, people can add products to carts and wishlists right from the category page. But I’m experimenting on the settings to restrict some of them in preview, so customers will have to visit a product page to complete some actions, for example to write a review.

    Good Price
    Ease Of Use

    Submitted by Zan - (Posted on 10/20/2015)

  10. admin


    Good Price
    Ease Of Use

    Submitted by admin - (Posted on 10/4/2015)

  11. Great extension and awesome support

    The extension works perfect! I have been adjust it for my own purposes in the website of my company and the support team have help me in every way. They rock.
    Extension totally recommended. I would like to thank support team

    Good Price
    Ease Of Use

    Submitted by Ronal - (Posted on 2/13/2015)

  12. Nice looking and fast!

    I think this extension is very useful for the e-shops. The extension is working fine with the magento community ce version.

    Good Price
    Ease Of Use

    Submitted by Hung - (Posted on 12/31/1969)

Documentaion DownLoad

Release Notes

Version 1.2.1 (updated on Oct 12st 2015)

  • - update style responsive rwd theme
  • - additional some manager from backend

Version 1.2.0 (updated on Sep 15st 2015)

  • - update zoom function working well on all version
  • - Fix some minor bugs

Version 1.1.0 (updated on Sep 1st 2015)

  • - Optimize loading speed on page
  • - Fix some minor bugs

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